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How to make sure that your website is a success


Elizabeth is a website designer and SEO specialist. Together with her technical skill and design flair she integrates her background in marketing and business to ensure the websites she creates are highly effective, easily found and deliver results.


She will plan and develop your website to promote your business and services by creating the best and most appropriate design; identify exactly what you wish to achieve; conduct the right research, and to work in collaboration with you.


Elizabeth will guide you through the design process, and you will soon gain confidence and feel involved. You will feel part of the development process, knowing that she has your business success in mind.


What does a website cost?


Elizabeth is completely transparent about the prices she charges and what her client's can expect in terms of the finished design, as well as having an on-going relationship with her to ensure that your website remains a success. Typically, a simple information website can cost as little as £500 but most sites require multiple pages and a range of functions such as online ordering and payments. Elizabeth will be able to give you an estimate during your first conversation and will provide a quote when more details are provided. It costs nothing to ask!


What kind of website will I need?


This will depend on the amount of information and imagery you need to have on your site and whether or not you need to update your website on a regular basis. Elizabeth will advise you on how to achieve the best website for your needs within the budget you have. She'll guide you through the options and prepare a proposal for you to consider and discuss with her.


Design trends


website design by Elizabeth Walsh

Website design has responded to the rapidly changing sophisticated technology introduced in to our daily lives. Just about everyone uses a computer of some kind on a daily basis. We learn, we shop, we explore and manage our lives from a keyboard or smart screen.



Techno speak


website design by Elizabeth Walsh

We 'Google' things when we want information. We apply for courses, jobs and check-in for flights on-line and we scan bar codes and email documents and images. We have profiles and avatars. We tweet, text, blog, upload and download on a daily basis. That is, unless you are living on a rock.



Size is everything


website design by Elizabeth Walsh

Who would have thought that we could order a take-away meal from a device as small as a credit card - or watch a movie on a screen that fills an entire wall? Now we expect to be able to do all these things (and so much more) on a range of devices that fill our homes, our bags and our pockets.





Photography for website design by Elizabeth Walsh

People are attracted to images more than words. Good photography and graphics will make a website shine above the competition. For this reason Elizabeth prefers using a professional photographer for your product images and to illustrate your message.


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