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The top 5 most important questions you should ask before choosing a website designer for your business

The Internet is a very competitive world and before you entrust a website designer with your business or personal image you should ask some very important questions:

Questions to ask a website designer before you choose who you would like to design your website

1. Track record

Whatever line of business you are in, it makes good sense to check the track record of anyone you want to employ. When choosing a website designer the easiest way to do this is to look at their portfolio of work and seek references.

The best thing to do would be to make contact with the website designer's existing clients and ask them:

  • Has their website been successful?
  • What was the website designer like to work with?
  • Did the finished website fulfil and even exceed expectations?
  • Did the website designer deliver in the agreed timescale?
  • What after care service does the website designer provide?

Elizabeth's portfolio contains a broad sample of her work and each of her clients would be able to answer any questions you may wish to ask.

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2. How much does a website design cost?

Having a professional website designer build a website for your business is an important investment. The cost will depend entirely on what you require to make your website successful.

Free consultations: An experienced reputable website designer, or larger web design company, will arrange a free consultation with you to discuss your requirements in the first instance. The website designer will then present you with a proposal and an estimated cost. If you choose not to accept the proposal there will be no charge.

Pricing methods: Some website designers may charge by the hour or by the number of web pages. Some may quote a figure for the entire job. It is not unusual for there to be a minimum charge and a sliding scale of optional functions which will be included and priced separately.

Get a written quote: Whichever pricing method your website designer uses you should always get a written estimate of the cost and if there are further charges required these should be mutually agreed and quoted for in advance.

Scope creep: Most good website designers will be transparent about what's included in the estimated cost, however you need to be aware of how 'scope creep' may affect the overall charge. This is where either you (or the website designer) includes extra features or functionality after the estimate has been agreed. This is something that you will need to be aware of - in the same way as if you were having work done on your house or car. It's sometimes the 'little extras' that can make a big difference to the final price.

It's all in the detail: Here are some specific questions you should ask about costs before choosing a website designer:

  • What happens if I want to make changes half way through the website design process?
  • Is SEO included in the price of my website?
  • What are the ongoing charges after my website is completed?
  • How much does the annual hosting of my website cost?
  • How much does it cost to update my website post sign off?
  • What happens if I want to use someone else to take over my website after it is finished?
  • Do you charge for training for CMS websites?
  • Who owns the website when it is finished?
  • Who owns my domain name?

To see Elizabeth's price guide please click here.

To discuss a quote for your new website design please call 01600 719019 or send an email.

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3. How long does it take to design a website?

Once the design has been approved (and providing that all the text information and images has been provided by the client), then delivery should be no more than 4-6 weeks for a non-ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website could take longer but Elizabeth will discuss this with you and provide a realistic estimate of the delivery date.

The main reasons for hold ups are usually because of delays in decision making (design), scope creep or late provision of some or all of the information or photography required to complete the website.

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4. What about SEO? Will my website be found on the Search Engines?

Providing your website designer is a specialist in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and uses legitimate, authentic and intelligent SEO techniques there is every reason to answer this question with a definite yes.

However, there are very specific requirements from both the website designer and the client in order for SEO to be successful. In brief they are:

  • The client and website designer have accurately identified the target market and target locality of the business's trading aims and goals.
  • The content of the website is accurately focused on those aims.
  • The copy (externally visual) is well written and the code (internal) is compliant with W3C validation standards.
  • Both the client and the website designer work together to achieve relevant incoming and outgoing links to appropriate websites which demonstrate good linking practice.

This is just a brief summary of some of the requirements and by no means a definitive solution. Read more about SEO here.

SEO specialists in Monmouth, Monmouthshire, UK

5.Why choose Elizabeth Walsh to design your website?

Elizabeth Walsh is an experienced website designer and SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist. The websites she designs are individually created for each clients and are stylish, effective, easy to navigate and most importantly they can all be found quickly and easily in the search engines. After all, there's little point in having a website if it can't be found.

By commissioning a website from Elizabeth you will be embarking on a rewarding journey where you will feel part of the design and development process with the confidence that she has your business success in mind. It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with some of the jargon and technical terms involved in website design and development - Elizabeth will guide you through the process and you will quickly become confident that your website will be an invaluable asset for your business success.

Some website designers only use templates or free 'open source' website templates to create website designs for their customers; others create original design work but will incorporate your business branding and company logo if required.

Elizabeth designs original tailor-made websites and each site is created, coded and search engine optimised for each individual customer's requirements.

This bespoke method guarantees that the client gets an original design and the website will perform exactly as the client wishes. Because search engine optimisation is such an important element of the success of the website Elizabeth incorporates SEO as an integral aspect of the website. The price she charges includes SEO with no supplementary costs required. As the business changes or diversifies over time a bespoke website can be easily be adapted to reflect the changing needs of the company.

Now that you've started to think about why you need a professional website you are ready to find out more. Contact Elizabeth on 01600 719019 or email her to start an informal discussion about what's involved, or read some more about how to commission a website.

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How long does it take to design a website from start to finish?Is SEO included in the price of my website?Why choose Elizabeth Walsh as your website designer?


Wyelands Estate


"Elizabeth did an amazing job on the design and development for the websites for Wyelands Estate and Wyelands Lodge, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone we know. She really is 'the full package deal'; talented, dedicated and with an obvious passion for web design and development. Our experience of working with Liz was nothing short of excellent and we wouldn't consider going anywhere else in the future."

Paula and Tom Owen
Estate Managers
Wyelands Estate

Testimonial for Elizabeth Walsh Website Designer, Monmouth, from Wyelands Estate Managers Paula and Tom Owen

Endless Blue: Website design for a luxury travel company in Kensington


"Excellent service and highly recommended - at our first meeting Elizabeth really took the time to understand our company and our future goals. The process of design was explained thoroughly and during the construction period we had a great exchange of ideas with the end result; a website and logo we are extremely pleased with.

Nicola Sumerill

Endless Blue Travel

Testimonial for Elizabeth Walsh Website Designer, Monmouth, from Endless Blue Travel

Website design for freelance journalists: Patricia Carswell


'Liz was a joy to work with. She took my tentative, unformed ideas and transformed them into a fabulous, stylish and professional website that has received praise from everyone who has seen it.

I would thoroughly recommend her.'

Patricia Carswell
Freelance journalist

Websites for journalists by Elizabeth Walsh - Website designer and SEO Specialist

Monmouth website designer and SEO specialist Elizabeth Walsh designed the website for Monnow Marquees

"I would just like to thank you for helping me to understand just how a website works. I arrived with you a novice and left rather more enlightened! I would happily recommend your web design services to anyone and regularly do! I must also say that your passion for your work really shows through, to the point that after producing our website for Monnow Marquees, I am sure you would have been able to go out to site and sell one yourself!

Vicky Powell
Monnow Marquees

Websites for journalists by Elizabeth Walsh - Website designer and SEO Specialist